Zippin and Mastercard partner for frictionless retail

Zippin has partnered with Mastercard to support its Shop Anywhere platform, enabling retailers to create personalized shopping experiences.

The first Shop Anywhere stores to launch as a result of this collaboration will debut beginning this summer in the US, Europe, and South America.

Mastercard’s officials stated that consumers are seeking out shopping experiences that bridge their physical and digital worlds, and prioritizing technology that factors in safety and convenience. The company is committed to delivering l retail experiences at scale with its frictionless retail technology solutions and looks forward to collaborating with Zippin to further that mission.

Zippin’s flexible, quick-to-deploy AI technology, which uses advanced computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion, will be integrated into the Shop Anywhere platform. The platform can be deployed across a range of physical spaces, from stadiums and venues to convenience stores, shopping malls, and airports.

While retailers are under pressure to deliver fast, efficient experiences for consumers, especially in high-traffic venues where time is limited, Zippin recognizes that speed can’t come at the expense of accuracy. Its technology has the ability to work effectively in a variety of environments, from crowded sports and entertainment venues, to airports, and convenience stores, according to the press release.

To utilize the technology, shoppers tap a credit card or scan a QR code to enter a Zippin-powered Shop Anywhere store. They then select the items they want and zip out. Its AI software automatically identifies the items picked, or put back, using sensors and overhead cameras, and creates a virtual shopping cart. With the integration of Mastercard’s Shop Anywhere platform, the virtual shopping cart and payment are securely processed after exiting the store.

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