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The new President urges the youth to be better than their fathers and grandfathers

Published: Sun 15 May 2022, 8:22 PM

Last updated: Sun 15 May 2022, 8:34 PM

The Federal Supreme Council on Saturday unanimously elected His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the third President of the UAE. He succeeded his brother, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan who passed away on May 13, aged 73.

Over the years, leading the nation to new heights, Sheikh Mohammed has promoted peace, championed causes, and inspired his country and world with his work and words.

Here are 25 wise quotes from UAE’s new President that highlight him as a leader, father, friend, patriot and much more:

Message to the next generation

1. To the youths of the country he said – “You must be better than us and better than your fathers and grandfathers. This is not an option, you must do this.”

Promoting knowledge and science

2. “Our reliance upon knowledge and scientific thinking to achieve total development is the only way to bring our nation ahead to the stage of non-oil production, a lesson learnednt from nations with little or no natural resources.”

3. “We have to ensure the new generation is equipped with knowledge and science so they can represent our competitive advantage in front of the whole world. Our only choice is quality.”

4. “The knowledge you have in this generation and the technology you are learning have to be the best in the world.”

On the importance of building a young generation

5. “The process of building man means, in the final analysis, building the nation and instilling the values ​​of a free, promising, stable and secure life.”

6. “We are confident in the role of the UAE’s ambitious youth, and we believe in their abilities to create the country’s present and future. We always aim to qualify, motivate and empower them to take the nation’s flag and carry it to our supreme glory. “

On leadership

7. Those who take the lead take it by doing three things. First, science to be able to manoeuvre; second, knowledge to be able to heavily invest in education; and third, a very wise leadership with a clear vision and a roadmap to the right direction. “

On working together in building the nation

8. “The civilized, advanced nation we seek to build and the sustainable development that we are keen to achieve both require concerted efforts from all sectors of the community and from all public and private entities and organizations. They require consistent and harmonious work in order to achieve our goals and promote and underpin our nation’s status with its distinct role regionally and internationally. “

On protecting the environment

9. “We have to strike a balance of responsibility between our duty to update other sources of energy, protecting the environment, protecting our environment and ensuring a proper legacy for the next generations.”

10. “The future, with its needs and challenges, calls upon us to embark on a perpetual quest for alternative sources of energy. This can only be done through the support of relevant scientific research.”

On social development

11. “Achieving optimal social development through developing our society as an integrated system continues to be a major goal for the UAE public policy.”

On UAE’s progress despite regional challenges

12. “Although we live in an unstable region that has challenges and different viewpoints, I am very optimistic by nature and I believe that the UAE today is more like a light that illuminates a dark land.”

On Supporting special needs children

13. “We believe in the abilities of our children of special needs and their high potential, we shall work together to support them and provide them with the opportunity to contribute to the development of our nation and secure a better future for themselves.”

On the real wealth of the UAE

14. “You are the real wealth, not the 3 million barrels of oil. You are the future of this nation’s security and safety net. We are in a good condition now but we want to establish the vision for 50 years ahead.”

On loyalty and love for the nation

15. “The United Arab Emirates with the help if God and the Spirit of the Union shall be in the hearts and minds of its people and will always remain the homeland of splendor and glory.”

16. “The duty of loyalty and gratitude to a homeland that provides decent and happy life for all of its citizens and residents requires that we all deeply engrave it in our hearts at all times.”

On values ​​of giving and well-being

17. “The march of giving and well-being will keep going despite biased voices and opinions, which can never hinder the progress of our homeland.”

On the importance of unity

18. “Do not be concerned as long as our nation is united. We are doing well under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him. We are doing well thanks to the support of our citizens beloved homeland, our brothers and supporters, our real treasure. “

On the positive outlook of the nation

19. “I am certain from what I have witnessed from my simple interaction with bright minds and hopeful, optimistic faces that we are betting on the right people and the right generation for the future of the UAE.”

On maintaining the Emirati reputation

20. “We should never be arrogant when it comes to the reputation of our country, and anything positive you do is an Emirati deed, so all of us are responsible for shaping, introducing and projecting a positive image of the UAE.”

21. “I want everyone to know that you are the ambassadors of the country and therefore represent the country well. Do not ever be arrogant when it comes to your country’s reputation.”

22. “Anything positive you do will be remembered by the world as a good Emirati deed, but any negative step you make, will reflect on your country. So you have a responsibility of protecting your country’s image, especially when you are abroad.”


On having the right mindset for the future

23. “If your point of view is positive, you will see the challenges in the future as opportunities.”

On acting swiftly

24. “The worst thing you can ever do is to wait; waiting is a waste of time and a waste of years and missed accomplishments.”

On the importance of maintaining cultural values

25. “In the UAE, we have a celebration that goes back to the past 250 years. Each generation passes our values ​​to the next. May God bless those who built this nation and laid its foundations.”

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