Woman reveals her secret to traveling to 70 countries

Woman reveals her secret to traveling to 70 countries

Jun 23, 2022, 04:20 pm
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Her Instagram bio reads ‘Around the world since 2005.’ (Photo credit: Instagram / @goglobalwithsibu)

Have you ever wondered how some people can afford to travel around the world?

The time and money needed to do so can both be overwhelming for many of us.

Yet, there are some who travel well without a fancy salary!

Not everyone can secure a job that takes you places, but you can definitely learn from the masters in the field.

Costa Rican woman knows the tricks

Growing up in the US and Costa Rica, Sibu De Benedictis finished high school and left home to study in China.

The seasoned traveler, who’s been to most of the continents, shared her tips to travel smart with Mirror recently, and they will open doors to your potential for world travel.

She knows how to travel the world without breaking the bank.

Demystifying the thought that ‘travel is expensive’

“I’ve been living off jobs that are minimum wage or less for a good amount of years now. I’m living proof you can make it work on a budget. The world would be a better place if we could all travel more, says the 33-year-old.

Sibu does travel writing at leisure and has recently completed a book on how to travel cheaply.

The secret to free lodging

The master traveler has cracked the code to fancy accommodations.

When you look at social media and see those swanky villas, and hilltop residences only to dream to spend a night there, you would have never considered staying there for free, have you?

Well, you can live in good apartments and houses in expensive locations around the world by house sitting.

Here is how she funds her trips

The globetrotter says, “You have to account for the little things you buy – $ 10 here and $ 10 there does add up.”

In order to fund her travel, she has worked as a waitress, washed pots, and bartended.

She’s currently working a marketing role remotely at a US-based company.

She suggests searching for scholarships, which allow you to learn new things and go places.

Benedictis took a leap of faith

In June 2020, she decided to put all her possessions in storage in Germany, where she had been for a while studying.

And since then, she has become an official digital nomad and hasn’t looked back.

She is completely location-independent now.

She has visited about 70 countries and also spent time as a resident in the UK, Poland, Germany, the US, and Nicaragua.

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