‘Why Obsession with one language?’: Kanimozhi slams Hindi imposition

CHENNAI: The DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance (SPA) has upped its ante against the BJP-led Center’s imposition of Hindi in non-Hindi speaking states. DMK MP from Thoothukudi and the party’s Women’s wing secretary Kanimozhi Karunanidhi slammed the union government’s Obsession with Hindi and asked if it would solve the country’s problems.

Kanimozhi on Sunday took an exception to a circular issued by the director of JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research on April 29, insisting that entries in all the registers / service books and service accounts would be made as far as possible only in Hindi. “The circular said that the subjects and the Headings of the columns in all the registers / service books / service accounts used in the office will be written in Hindi and English. In future entries in all the registrars / service books / service accounts will be made as for as possible in Hindi only, ”the circular read.

Posting a copy of the circular on her official Twitter handle, Kanimozhi said, “Why this Obsession about one language. What will they achieve? Will it solve unemployment and gender inequality or any one social Evil? Why are they deepening conflict? ”

Joining the issue with his ally, MDMK general secretary The child said that they (the union government) are trying to convert JIPMER into a Hindi school instead of teaching medical education there. “It is the duty of Tamils ​​to chase away Hindi and protect Tamil from matter whatever form they try to impose in Hindi.” Demanding the recall of the circular, Vaiko has announced a protest by the party in front of JIPMER on May 10, pressing for the transfer of the institute director to a Hindi speaking state. ”


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