Why are there still 501 tickets left for Newcastle v Everton?

The Newcastle v Everton tickets went on sale at 10am on Wednesday morning.

Four weeks ahead of the game, with United playing the blue scousers at St James’ Park on Wednesday 19 October.

A match to be shown live on Amazon Prime and moved to a 7.30pm kick-off.

The match by match tickets on sale only online to members (which includes all season ticket holders who are also classed as members), each member can buy one ticket each.

Now 56 hours later, at 6pm on Friday 23 September, the big question is: ‘Why are there 501 tickets left for Newcastle v Everton?’

A bit of a rhetorical question because I actually know the answer, or at least the key reason anyway.

The thing is, of these 501 tickets that remain unsold after two and a half days, every single one of them (the unsold tickets) are in the family enclosure.

On Wednesday, the tickets for this Newcastle v Everton match very quickly sold out, apart from in the family enclosure. After only a couple of hours or so, pretty much no tickets left in any other part of St James’ Park apart from maybe the odd single seat, but a few thousand still available in the family enclosure.

The family enclosure is simply far too big, Mike Ashley turned over Level 7 at the top of the Milburn stand so he could try and ensure 8,000 of the least attractive seats would be filled next to his SD adverts, by offering season tickets at very cheap. prices, for kids especially.

Thing to remember is that there are loads of kids in the rest of St James’ Park as well, sitting with family etc. So it is not like all kids are up in the family enclosure.

Bottom line is that we would not be having this conversation about Newcastle v Everton tickets if it was not for the existence of the family enclosure, as these 501 tickets would have been sold long ago. The rules for the family enclosure (unless they have changed from when I was last in there) are that you can have a maximum ratio of two kids to one adult, or two adults to one kid. So if buying one child’s ticket in the family enclosure, one or two adult tickets can be bought at the same time (if all of you have a membership of course. The same with one adult ticket, you can buy one or two kids tickets at the same time (using your memberships).

In conclusion… Newcastle United need to do something with the family enclosure. Preferably get rid of it, or at least significantly reduce the size of it.

It was only created by Ashley to try and ensure he filled loads of the least attractive seats by offering them as much cheaper season tickets.

Those times are gone.

Make these seats available for everyone and yes, keep them at cheaper prices than lower down seats, but let those who have paid for memberships buy these match to match tickets in Level 7 on the day they go on sale.

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