‘We need another hospital’ – reaction to planned expansion of GWH emergency department

CONFIRMATION that the accident and emergency department at the Great Western Hospital is to be expanded was welcome news this week.

The trust’s Way Forward Program is set to move ahead again after the opening of the radiotherapy and urgent treatment centers this year.

Here’s what readers thought …

Jean Holloway: “We need the same size hospital again with all the new homes being built in and around Swindon way too small.”

Martin Carrigan: “About time.”

Simon Randell: “Hospital was too small when it was first built!”

Rebecca Mellor: “Build another hospital.”

Andrew Little: “Rebecca Mellor They won’t build another Hospital because they say they will be able to cope with the extra 80 beds and the doubling of the A&E department. Well according to the CEO and a local Councilor. I think they must be the only 2 people in Swindon who actually believe that. ”

Rebecca Mellor: “Andrew Little it’s just crazy though. With the amount of housing developments still popping up in every spare bit of land, no wonder GWH care is spread so thinly.”

Angela Williams: “What is needed is Staff and also the Staff to be treated well.”

Teresa Camburn: “I think build in the car parks and put car parks under ground.”

Georgina Harrison: “I had wait 6hrs in a ambulance as no space in A&E, which held up ambulances to attend other emergency jobs, also their was 3 other ambulances waiting!

“Then after 6hrs got inside, patients in corridors, staff rushing around, no beds available to go to a ward,

“The nurses are working under such huge pressure and stretched to their limits.

“I had to have an add on extra bed, squashed in a ward, as they have no spare room or beds, NHS is worse state now than ever.

“We all agreed that the 111 center, is making it worse than ever, as their answer to all is call an ambulance!

“That is adding to the problems, they follow a questionnaire, then say oh call ambulance! Needs scrapping.

“Thank you to our amazing hero angels, nurses at GWH, you do a sterling job, work under pressure, stretched to your limits, but give such car, comfort, Thank you, You do us so proud.

“Thank you Falcon ward, Ampney ward, A&E, Step down ward, Linnet, & Teal, you are truly inspirational angels.”

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