Want to ensure positive environment before reuniting wards with parents: Child panel

The CHILD Welfare Commission (CWC), which works under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA), said it wants to ensure a positive atmosphere for children who have been rescued, especially with respect to the parents, before their wards are reunited with them. The body said this when the parents of two rescued underage brothers aged 9 and 12, accompanied by a social worker-cum-art curator, Dr Seema Bhalla, came to the CWC office urging that the children be reunited with the parents, on Monday. Dr Bhalla and the family were not allowed to meet the children, and the management asked them to submit a written application, which was done.

The CWC said that before handing over the rescued children to their parents, the commission is bound to conduct an in-depth inquiry about the circumstances in which the child was rescued and the child’s future prospects.

CWC Chairperson, Dr Satinder Kaur, said, “The children were rescued from Sector 17 when they were found to be indulged in the child begging. They are being counseled and enrolled in a school. We have been allowing the parents of children to communicate with them through phones and physically. For us, the security of the children is supreme. We cannot hand over the rescued children to their parents without going into the in-depth of the circumstances in which the children were begging. This is a very sensitive matter. An inquiry is underway. We are happy to see that people are coming forward, thinking about the children. There is a procedure to follow. Indeed, the rescued children will be reunited with their parents but under the circumstances which will be in favor of children. “

Dr Bhalla said, “The children’s parents are from Rajasthan. The children were not abandoned. No doubt, the parents are homeless and earn their livelihood by singing, playing instruments in Sector 17. The parents told me that their children were taken to a shelter home on March 31. They want their wards to be reunited with them. I met the parents in Sector 17 two days back. Today, I came to the CWC office. But officials conveyed to me that I should first submit a written application about the purpose of my visit. They conveyed to me through a security guard that the matter will be listed for May 23 ”.

Sources said that the children were rescued during the recently concluded Muskan operation by the team members of many child welfare wings including the police department. During operation Muskan, 29 children were rescued from begging, 18 from child labor and nine were found abandoned were reunited with their parents.


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