Vogue Business X DIT present the Future of Commerce at Cannes Lions

Thinking about how local creatives can be included in bigger opportunities, Braun shared more about the process of product launches, which take place almost every week at Samsung. As part of these processes, the business is continuously working with local designers and artists to bring local “flair” to packaging, casings, wallpapers, screensavers and campaign material. He also expanded on how digitalization is enabling progress on sustainability. An incubator called Generation17 is a cohort of young activists who, together with the UNDP, have identified 17 sustainability goals that Samsung is working with them to achieve. This includes putting a UN app outlining these goals and steps consumers can take to help meet them and contribute microdonations on Samsung mobile devices. This crowd-sourced funding is plugged back into the incubator to invest in those changes.

When asked about how digitalisation is helping to accelerate cross-border collaboration, Arden responded that the real impetus is not digitalisation but a human desire to overcome barriers together. Such conversations like how we combat climate change require people to be engaged with those issues. What digitalisation enables is the ability to talk on a global level about what needs to be done, as well as sharing solutions that have worked in different parts of the world.

The event ended with a provocative debate on music videos, with Delaney challenging a question from the audience about whether music videos are still relevant. Delaney claims that the virality of content on platforms like TikTok means good short-form content supersedes traditional long-form music videos, but that attention spans are so short that music videos need to evolve with the needs and expectations of digital consumers today.

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