Varun Bhardwaj, candidate for Burlington public school trustee

Varun Bhardwaj

NAME: Varun Bhardwaj

OCCUPATION: Investment Analyst


CONTACT INFORMATION: Email [email protected]

POSITION YOU ARE RUNNING FOR: Halton District School Board trustee, Ward 4


WHY HAVE YOU DECIDED TO RUN?: To bring youth/diversity of opinions to the Halton trustee board. I had a very positive experience growing up in Ward 4 and hope to help students achieve the same success/fulfillment

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP THREE ISSUES? 1. Reduce/eliminate bullying 2. Apply pressure to update curriculum 3. Ensure capital efficiency

IF ELECTED, WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO ACCOMPLISH IN YOUR FIRST 100 DAYS? It would likely take me this time to understand the nuances of the board, and interests of stakeholders. It would be naïve, and perhaps, dangerous to try and accomplish anything grand in the first 100 days. Longer term project would be instilling confidence in students (ie self-esteem).

HOW WILL YOU EMBRACE AND CHAMPION DIVERSITY IN THIS ROLE? If the current board was re-elected with me, I’d be the youngest, only person of color and only male trustee. The short answer is I am a visible minority and understand the importance of diversity. The long answer is diversity is not only ethnicity – it’s gender, cultural, differing views, etc.


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