US Legend Cars Introduces Superlight Training Car

The new 2022 Superlight Legends Car. (US Legend Cars Photo)

CHARLOTTE, NC US Legend Cars is introducing the company’s newest edition Legend car for enthusiasts looking to experience the thrill of the track and more.

Starting at $ 17,500, the Legend car is a superlight track machine designed to maximize the fun for drivers of all ages. Weighing in at 1,250 lbs., The 2022 US Legend Cars Legend is powered by a 125-horsepower Yamaha FZ09 sealed engine that presents a potent power-to-weight ratio perfect for days at the track and on closed courses.

The Legend Car on track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (US Legend Cars Photo)

“At US Legend Cars, our passion is making racing more accessible for enthusiasts of all kinds,” said US Legend Cars International Managing Director Graham T. Smith. “Our 2022 Legend car is set up to provide a convenient way to drive at the track at any level. Racing continues to be a dream for so many, and our Legend car offers young enthusiasts interested in getting into the sport professionally the perfect platform to learn in a track environment. We also see lifelong car collectors who have never had a chance to get behind the wheel be able to finally fulfill a lifelong dream. That ability to deliver to such a wide range of backgrounds is what makes our Legend car so appealing and entertaining. ”

Building on the original design first launched in 1992 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the new Legend car features the iconic five-eighths-scale fiberglass full-fendered silhouette of a classic modified American race car. The compact, race-ready Legend features a coil over suspension with modern adjustable shocks that can be set up for the track, dirt or other specialty driving conditions. Every Legend car is made with a full-tube frame with an internal roll cage to protect drivers alongside a five-point harness.

Dimensions of the car include a 73-inch wheelbase, 60-inch vehicle width, height of 46 inches and an overall length of 10 feet, six inches. Every Legend car sits on Hoosier Racing tires wearing seven-inch (13-inch diameter) high-performance race wheels.

Engineered to allow experienced drivers the ability to hone their skills while also offering new and young drivers an exciting training platform, US Legend Cars International has more than 50 dealers in the United States and sells the Legend car in 29 different countries.

All Legend car owners are also given the special opportunity to enter one of the US Legend Cars International spec series divisions.

The Young Lions division is for younger enthusiasts from 12-15 years old looking to start driving the track early and exploring a professional driving career. The Semi-Pro division is for drivers 16 years and older. US Legend Cars International also has a Master Class for drivers 40 years and up, as well as a 50-year-old and up class.

Finally, US Legend Cars International also has an alpha Professional Expert level designed for experienced drivers at any age that have raced professionally or competed in one of the Young Lions, Semi-Pro, or Master divisions.

US Legend Cars International manages and oversees each driving division with races at tracks across the country for Legend cars owners to compete. The goal is to give people the chance to enjoy the track.

“The best teacher of all is a real-time experience,” said Smith. “Our 2022 Legend car gives young drivers with professional ambitions and novices at any age the chance to compete. Our clients value genuine, authentic experiences, and our new Legend car gives them the opportunity to be a real race car driver. Whether someone is 12 years old or 50, our Legend car is made to make all racing dreams come true. ”

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