Traveling into 2023: Top tips for planning your next trip from The Independent’s travel team

Train strikes, the future of aviation and the dreaded B-word (you know the one – Brexit): these were just some of the topics covered in The Independent’s latest virtual event, Traveling into 2023, with travel editor Helen Coffey and travel correspondent Simon Calder.

In a fast-paced hour-long session, our experts attempted to answer as many reader questions as possible, sharing top tips on how to save on a trip abroad (Simon’s recommendation of a Barcelona hostel costs just €30 a night, while cheap ski destinations included Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia and the Pyrenees) and inspiration on destinations for your next cultural break (Antwerp, Rotterdam and Lille all got a name-check).

While the upcoming October industrial action on the nation’s railways was no cause for celebration, Simon advised that there might be a brighter future when it comes to air travel – the age of the £10 flight may be “over” (in the words of Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary), but the competitive aviation market in Europe means flight prices should fall compared to sky-high summer fares.

Watch the event in full in the recording below

Traveling into 2023: Top holiday tips with Simon Calder and Helen Coffey

Sustainable travel was also high on holidaymakers’ agendas, with plenty of questions about reaching European destinations by train. Helen gave reassurance that traveling by rail from London to Munich was eminently doable, involving as little as two changes and taking less than a day. In response to a query about reaching Albania flight-free, Simon suggested catching trains to Italy and a ferry from there to the historic port city of Durrës.

Meanwhile, some popular Brexit-related queries were dealt with: can you stay in the EU for up to 90 days in any 180-day period? a new Etias system is launching in November next year, from when Brits must apply in advance for permission to visit the Schengen area? and the most hassle-free way to transport your pet into mainland Europe? Get them French citizenship, according to Simon.

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