Transforming Education – Regional consultation

This morning over 100 participants joined an online regional consultation of Europe in preparation for the Transforming Education Pre-Summit, convened by the Council of Europe and the European Commission in partnership with UNESCO. The objective of the Regional Consultation was to identify and agree on key common strategic priority areas, and key steps going forward for education / learning recovery and system transformation beyond COVID-19, so as to accelerate the implementation of SDG 4 in the region and generate recommendations. common action.

The regional consultation has reported a drafting statement of commitment to transform education that will capture key areas of commitment to action that emerged from the consultation against a time horizon of 2030 and even beyond. The Pre-Summit will be organized in Paris at the UNESCO Headquarters on 28-30 June 2022, harnessing evolving discussions and generating momentum in leading the Transforming Education Summit (TES).

The Summit will take place in New York at the UN Headquarters on September 19, 2022 The margins of the UN General Assembly’s high-level week with a view to upgrading education to the top of the political agenda and maximizing public awareness and engagement at the global , regional and national levels.

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