This Chennai Teacher Vows To Make Learning Inclusive, Ensures Disabilities Are No Longer Hindrances To Education

When students move from the ‘special education’ label to the ‘mathematics achiever’, many aspects are at work, including teachers, parents, the learning process and the student.

In the case of a Chennai-based 13-year-old Adithi, her mother, Nirupama Sriram, has taken on a transformational role as a child of her special needs.

Her Daughter’s Interest in Maths

Five years ago, she witnessed her daughter’s growing interest and understanding of maths. In the quest to find inclusive and label-less education platforms for Adithi, she’s got a learning platform where she teaches specially-abled students the same way as others.

She realizes that when students are free to think in ways that make them, learning disabilities or milestone delays no longer hindrances to mathematical achievement. While Nirupama was in pursuit of her daughter, the dramatic change drove her to become a teacher herself.

“Life as a special needs parent is ever-changing and throws a new curve ball at every stage. My daughter has a milestone delay, a condition where a child does not reach one’s significant stages in their development.” “The journey has been so chaotic, and I have reached many dead ends,” Nirupama said. The Logical Indian.

As a special needs mother, Nirupama was bombarded with advice from everyone that her daughter would not be able to relate to logic and would not understand.

“But I tried to give it a shot by starting with a number of pre-numbered websites. The Colorful Sheets really interested her, and I also started teaching her music which she’s now an outstanding teacher with,” she said.

Earlier, it was an unorganized way of teaching topics, but when Nirupama became a teacher, she developed the structures and learned how to cater to Adithi’s level of visual needs.

Visual Aid Through Teaching Students

Nirupama says that teaching through visual aid is for all students, including those with special needs.

Mathematics is the language of logic and reasoning, so I make it a point to sit with Adithi every day and teach her maths. Once she understands it, it stays in her memory, ”she added.

Today, besides Adithi, Nirupama has 52 students from across the country. She is also part of many Chennai special education WhatsApp groups, sharing some of her teaching skills and knowledge.

Because of her large student base, she also looks at several other unique methods of kindle children’s curiosity.

She says that many special needs children are writing notebooks or worksheets to the hesitant. As educators, she said, there is a need to explore and experiment with different ways of imparting education while engaging them. “Gamification is one proven way. I have given Adithi addition and multiplication the skipping method, and today she can recite her tables (up to 10-times) without looking into her textbook,” she adds.

Alphanumeric series, expansion of numbers, and missing shapes have become Adithi’s favorites as soon as she understands the number patterns.

Nirupama says there is a huge gap in educating children with special needs in India. “My approach enables special students to grasp concepts that are deeply and intuitively different from those of underlying concepts. We encourage students to think logically and tap into their rational mindset,” she said.

The Curriculum is highly intuitive, featuring visuals, games, puzzles, simulations, and innovative technology, making maths easy and fun for students of all ages, and levels. Adithi are visually aided for all the methods Nirupama uses. But she changes her techniques and tries to get to her daughter once she feels like she can’t.

“A trial-and-error method is not for children with special needs. They need to learn through visuals, practice the process and in time (as much as 3 to 6 months) master the concept,” Nirupama shared.

“English comprehension is also important, as they must be the answer to a word or statement problem. For this, I use visual aids such as drawing the word on a paper or using a paper to solve the problem,” she added.

Nirupama is a way to help other students find a more incredible and more meaningful journey with their understanding and intelligence.

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