These exercises will help ‘strengthen your hip muscles, improve body flexibility’

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health problems, including obesity, and joint issues, especially in the back, neck, and spine which affects overall strength. Among others, it can also lead to stiff hips. As such, how about trying some hip mobility movements to open the hips?

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Anshuka Parwani, who trains celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Rakul Preet Singh took to Instagram to demonstrate some easy-to-do hip mobility yoga stretches.

“Hip mobility is very important as it helps to make your body’s overall movement easier and also prevent injuries of the lower back, hip, and knees,” she captioned the post.

In one of the exercises, she sat with her knees bent and legs straight as she stretched them on either sides with her hands clasped at the front. She then switched to another pose in which she flapped her legs like a butterfly while placing her hand in a straight posture, on the floor. In another exercise, she did a simple butterfly pose where she flapped her folded legs up and down in reps. With her left leg folded, she held her right leg in both her arms while twisting her waist. She then repeated the pose with the opposite leg.


Stating the benefits of hip opener yoga poses, she said that these will “help strengthen your hip muscles, improve overall body flexibility and your posture.”

She also added that practicing hip opener yoga poses can help in “improved circulation, reduced risk of injury, improved posture and balance, increased flexibility and range of motions in hips, legs, and back.”

Dr. Prashant Mistry, a physiotherapist, told, “Hip openers tend to be both veritably grueling, but also veritably loved in a yoga practice.” He added that hip mobility yoga poses can help in “reducing stress and supporting the lower back”.

“Hip openers can help the joints of the lower back, hips and legs to come into better alignment,” she said.

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