The final selection criteria for SBS 2021-22 Language Services Review

SBS has announced the final selection criteria it will use as part of the 2021-22 Language Services Review.

SBS received more than 2000 submissions, representing 80 languages, during the public consultation period, running from 5 October to 26 November 2021, offering people and organizations the opportunity to provide feedback on the criteria that were being proposed.

The Language Services Review encompasses SBS’s audio and language offering including radio, podcasting, and other digital platforms.

The feedback from the public consultation helped shape the final selection criteria, published today, which will now be used in conjunction with the 2021 Census data to the languages ​​to be Serviced. and help inform the way those services are delivered, for the next five years.

The last Language Services Review was conducted during 2016-2017, SBS has committed to reviewing its language services every five years in line with the Australian Census.

The revised SBS language services will be announced before the end of 2022.

2021-22 Language Services Review Final Selection Criteria

High Needs Languages ​​Criteria: (a minimum of 15 languages ​​subject to SBS funding)

  • Threshold requirement –population must be greater than 1,000 *
  • English language proficiency (weight = 45%)
  • Recentness of arrival (weight = 30%)
  • Aging (weight = 15%)
  • Household resources (weight = 10%)

SBS may also include a sizeable ethnic community if its needs are significant but not adequately captured in the Large Language or High Needs Selection Criteria. Factors which SBS may take into account include:

  • Discrimination / Vilification: where a group is subject to frequent discrimination or vilification in Australia based on race, color, descent or national or ethnic origin.
  • Immediate need: a significant increase in the population of a language group through Australia’s Humanitarian Program.
  • Access to quality in-language media sources.

SBS will take into account the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Australian community, as well as taking into account the language services provided by all parts of the organization.

The final Selection Criteria and Census 2021 data will determine which languages ​​are Serviced by SBS. Subject to funding, SBS will determine when and how the language services will be delivered –eg, via AM / FM, digital radio, digital television, online and / or podcast.

* Population size based on 2021 Census data –Main language other than English spoken at home.

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