Targeted investment for STEM-based skills and early years education in Colchester

New investment to boost education and skills in STEM subjects in Colchester has been announced by Essex County Council (ECC).
Funding for a new multipurpose training room at Colchester’s Adult Community Learning (ACL) center has been agreed through ECC’s Leveling Up fund, as part of the County Council’s Everyone’s Essex strategy.

The announcement was made today (Friday 24 June) at the Colchester Leveling Up launch event at the Mercury Theater.

Cllr Andrew Sheldon, ECC Deputy Cabinet Member for Education Excellence, Lifelong Learning and Employability, said: “As a council, we are committed to doing our part to ensure residents of Colchester have access to the education and skills necessary to secure jobs of the present and the future.

“We know employers in the health and science sectors are struggling to recruit and retain staff. By increasing participation and improving the learning experience of individuals undertaking courses and apprenticeships in these sectors, our colleagues at ACL Essex can help residents gain the right skills and experience to secure good jobs with local employers. ”

He added: “We are placing a strong emphasis on education and skills for Leveling Up in Colchester, and it’s exciting that local residents will soon be able to make use of this exciting new multipurpose room at their local ACL Essex center.”

The multipurpose training room will be ready for the forthcoming academic year, with funding used to purchase equipment aimed at widening participation for adults in STEM subjects.

The initiative will continue to benefit learners in Colchester and across Essex, as the equipment will be made portable in the years to come.

Cllr Mark Platt, ECC Deputy Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Early Years, said: “This proposal is well aligned to the Early Years Strategy and will provide early help to support staff and parents with pupils in the early years sector in Colchester.”

Everyone’s Essex – Our Plan for Leveling Up the County is available here.

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