Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Innovation Center Open Days on 12th and 13th October

The Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Innovation Center Open Days will take place on 12th & 13th October, at Surfleet in Lincolnshire. All growers, agronomists and vegetable industry specialists are welcome to attend this showcase of the company’s new varieties and exciting technologies.

The Vegetable Seeds Innovation Center gives the first chance to see some of the latest varieties in real field conditions in the UK – and how they have performed in a challenging season.

Highlighting the value of the Open Days for growers, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Technical Sales and cauliflower specialist, Louis Stokes, said: “On the site you’ll see Syngenta crop breeders have already sought to introduce key traits of disease resistance in brassicas and leafy salads. that are the foundation of more cost-effective control programs.

“Allied to that, variety selection adds extra priority on field holding ability and mechanical harvesting capability, to further meet growers’ needs.”

Seeking ways to help growers manage costs and enhance sustainability, this season there is the opportunity to review an independent trial on variety selection for reduced nitrogen programs, with Syngenta Brussels sprout, cabbage and broccoli varieties, added Louis.

And to get the best out of any variety, the implementation of effective integrated crop management strategies demonstrated on the site now includes the latest in proven biostimulants and biologicals from the Syngenta R&D pipeline, shown working alongside conventional pest and disease controls.

To explain more about all the technologies on show the Syngenta team at the event this year will include crop specialists, breeders and researchers across the entire range of brassica, onion, cucurbit, leafy salad varieties and crop protection.

Also on display will be the latest in mechanical harvesting technology, pioneered and developed by Grimme. Along with new innovations for application technologies – with advice on spraying in vegetable crops with drift reduction 3D ninety nozzles and an industry leading closed transfer system for sprayer filling.

Key topics to view at the Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Innovation Center 2022 include:

  • New clubroot resistant brassica varieties
  • Reduced nitrogen-use trials
  • Downy mildew resistance spinach varieties
  • Hydroponic leafy salad production
  • Biological crop protection
  • New fungicide R&D
  • Application technologies – including 3D ninety nozzle research
  • Grimme mechanical harvesting demonstration

The Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Innovation Center is conveniently located beside the A46 near Surfleet in Lincolnshire. Anyone intending to attend is requested to complete an online registration prior to the event:

For more information:
Louis Stokes
Syngenta Vegetable Seeds
Tel: +44 7776 994697
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