Sylvia Fowles: Strategic and Genuine –

I rarely get starstruck in my job anymore, not a flex, but rather something that’s come through with repetition over the past few years. That went out the window a month ago when I met Sylvia Fowles during All-Star Weekend in Chicago.

I did multiple hours of prep, watching interviews all the way back from her time in Chicago, listening to every podcast she’s been on, and reading other pieces and features since she came into the league in 2008. Nothing could really prepare me for actually meeting Syl one on one.

She walked into the backroom where I was set up in the All-Star press junket, my last interview of the day, and I kinda froze up for a second. Like, this is a living legend, one of the greatest players in the history of the sport!

And then she told me she liked my shoes, shook my hand, and asked what my name was. It seems like a small thing, but it was incredibly disarming, it made me feel comfortable, and it sparked a really great conversation about the shoes she was going to wear in the game the next day.

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