Swiss longevity startup Avea gets 43 2.43 million booster

An ever-increasing number of consumers are not only looking at supplements to boost health and vitamin levels but have started to actively invest in a longer healthy lifespan. Aimed to capture this growing market, Swiss-based longevity supplement startup Avea has raised 43 2.43 million in funding.

The startup is on a mission to extend human health span with science-based supplements. It has enlisted scientists and researchers in the field of longevity to produce a supplement line to optimize long-term health as well as slow and even reverse some of the signs of aging. The startup plans to use the funding for expansion across Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the UK.

The funding was led by Maximon, a longevity company builder and its longevity co-investment fund.

Avea launched its first products in February 2022. The company claims its first formulation provides a synergistic blend of ingredients that reflects the latest research in aging and health span.

Co-founder and scientist Sophie Chabloz said: “Long-term health is an investment, not an expense. Next to a balanced diet, regular exercise, hot and cold therapy and quality sleep, a longevity supplement regimen is essential to support and optimize the healthy aging process. ”

Dr Tobias Reichmuth, serial entrepreneur and founding partner of Maximon, added: “The global longevity market is worth $ 8 trillion. The longevity field is the future of health care and we believe the startup will play an important role in the industry. ”

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