Students express concern over poor conditions at government welfare hostel

Lack of proper hygiene, inadequate water facility, poor electricity wiring, absence of proper security arrangements and insufficient food supply are some of the key issues encountered by the students staying at a government welfare hostel in Tiruchi.

The Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare hostel in Cantonment is home to around 80 students hailing from different parts of Tamil Nadu who are pursuing courses in various educational institutions in the city.

According to the students, the food served at the hostel is inadequate and sometimes in short supply. “Meals are not provided on time and insufficient quantities have been supplied. The shortage in the food supply at the mess is a major problem here. Because of this, we are forced to eat outside which burns a hole in our pockets,” said a student staying at the hostel.

The government welfare hostel for boys at Cantonment in Tiruchi. | Photo Credit: M. MOORTHY

“The rooms lack proper security arrangements as the doors are damaged and we are unable to lock our hostel doors and several of them are broken,” he added.

Another common concern is the improper electrical wiring as several of them have suffered a shock. Fearing a shock, many of us have started using extension boxes, they said.

Further, they complained of unhygienic toilets with frequent clogs. “Hygiene is a major issue in hostels, especially in toilets and bathrooms, which stink forever. We also face difficulty in getting adequate water,” said another student.

“The drinking and hot water facilities are also insufficient,” he added.

Students claim that they have been raising their voices regarding various issues since last month, but officials from the department do not pay heed to any of their concerns. “We staged a protest last month to bring the terrible condition of the hostel to the attention of the officials, and we have filed a petition to the Collector seeking immediate action,” he said.

According to a senior official, ensuring the upkeep of the government hostels is a continuous process and students should also play their role in maintaining desired cleanliness and hygiene at the hostel.

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