Stolen car crash destroys family’s food truck

“Things happen to people and we don’t always know why, and just trust and everything will work out.”

CABOT, Ark. – A family is trying to keep moving forward after finding their livelihood destroyed.

A car stolen crashed into a family-owned food truck in Cabot and now they’re cleaning up what’s left with their neighbors.

Clint Cook is walking through what’s left of his family’s business.

“My heart dropped, like, this is how we make our living,” he said.

It’s always been Cook and his wife Lindsey’s dream to start a restaurant.

“It’s what we do, like, it’s our passion. We love it and it’s, I feel like, it’s kind of like our calling,” he said.

Three years ago when they opened up Cook’s Hook, Cook said they never imagined it would be the center of a crash scene.

“Not in a million years. I was actually standing by the Sheriff and I said, ‘So Sheriff, I was like, what’s the chances of this happening?’ He said, ‘Astronomically small,’ “he said.

Early Sunday morning Cook got a call from police that a neighbor’s car had been stolen and it ended up in the middle of his business.

“It was just a silly, not so great robber, who decided that he would steal a car without brakes, he didn’t know, and then right into my food truck,” he said.

From what Cook knows, the driver is okay, but from the ketchup on the wall and the dents in his truck, they’ve got their work cut out for them, but they’re determined to start over and move forward.

“If there’s such a change in the world, that comes from anything that we can do to offer to help, it’d be through our food, so this is it,” he said.

With their son helping them along the way, the Cooks are staying positive as the community lifts them up, already starting a GoFundMe to help rebuild.

“Things happen to people, and we don’t always know why, and just trust and everything will work out. Just come together as community help each other out, always,” he said.

We reached out to police to find out the story behind this stolen car. We don’t have any word yet on any suspects or charges.

This Saturday, May 14, Maw Maw’s House in Cabot, is going to give all of its profits to Cook’s Hook.

You can also personally donate here.

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