Start-Up Is Building A ‘Twin’ Bali Metaverse For Tourism Experiences

A creative startup called Bali Twin Metaverse is trying to create a digital twin of the destination. The project aims to change the way visitors can engage with the local way of life.

Gamers and blockchain fans can explore a playful, full-scale replica of Bali as part of the Metaverse experience, which is being promoted as metatourism.

The Indonesian government has endorsed the Bali Twin Metaverse. PT Blackstone Indonesia, Black Lava Camp, Grahadi Bali Entertainment and Kicau Mania are the owners of the digital properties. However, since the Bali Twin Metaverse is open, anyone in the world can visit the virtual replica of the tropical paradise at any time.

Bambang Soesayto, the creator of Blackstone Indonesia, outlined how the project works in an Instagram post. “Metaverse is an Augmented Reality (AR) technology that enables individuals to interact with other individuals virtually. In this metaverse world, users can do anything in virtual forms, such as gathering, holding meetings, working, playing, organizing various events, attending concerts, shopping online, or buying a digital property.

The Bali Twin Metaverse will essentially turn art, landscapes and architecture of Bali into digital duplicates that can be traded as NFTs on the Metaverse marketplace. The goal of the project, according to the company’s litepaper, is to “merge the borders between blockchain and traditional gaming and contribute to Bali cultural preservation.”

With the support of notable partners like the Indonesian government, Blackstone Indonesia (not to be confused with Blackstone Group), AWS, and Epic Games, they will undoubtedly make an impact. Building an advertising platform for brands and property owners is one of Bali Twin Metaverse’s goals. They want to create “the most detailed digital twin in the world.” They pay close attention to every aspect.

Bali Twin Metaverse has just announced a collaboration with Kicau Mania, which has one of the most extensive collections of Bali bird sounds in the world. The sounds will be integrated into the Metaverse experience, adding an extra element of realism to the digital encounter.

The Metaverse is a “sandbox with a real-world simulation that reveals mysteries of ancient Bali civilizations in a futuristic setting.” According to the game’s description. Users will be able to create their own businesses, earn real money, create and monetize objects, and even buy, rent, or sell land in digital Bali through the Metaverse.

The game’s graphics are impressive, and so is NFT’s digital artwork. In late August, the company offered the first NFT Hanuman and Barong masks on its Internet marketplace. It was hoped that by digitizing and modernizing traditional Balinese art, the program would help promote the island’s distinct culture.

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