Sources: Built By Gamers owe money to Valorant and former Halo teams

According to four sources close to Built By Gamers’ former Halo and current Valorant team, the two squads are owed money by the Arizona-based esports organization.

BBG let go of its Halo team on July 7 after not making it into the Halo Championship Series. According to two sources close to the team, the squad has not been paid their final month’s salary and also has outstanding reimbursable expenses from their time under BBG.

The Valorant team is still under contract to Built By Gamers but has not been paid in multiple months, two sources with knowledge of the team told Dexerto. BBG was not invited into the 2023 Riot Games partnered league within Valorant, the org announced on July 22.

The amount of unpaid salary runs into the tens of thousands of dollars across both teams, sources said.

BBG allegedly blames its parent company

According to three sources, Built By Gamers have blamed the outstanding payments on issues with their parent company, Rivulet Media. Two sources said BBG was in a “legal battle” with Rivulet Media.

Rivulet Media is a publicly-traded company also based out of Arizona that owns and operates Rivulet Films, a television, film, and music production company, along with various other media properties in the state.

BBG announced that it was acquired by Rivulet Media on March 28. According to a Rivulet Media SEC filing made on May 12, 2022 the company loaned BBG $50,000 in May. It also said that BBG is “a company in the gaming industry that is an acquisition target” of Rivulet Media.

Built By Gamers was not listed as a current subsidiary of Rivulet Media in that same filing.

Built By Gamers currently fields a Valorant and Fortnite roster and has a variety of content creators signed to them as well. The organization also fielded an Apex Legends team at one time.

The organization responded to a request for comment saying that BBG is not in a legal battle with “any parent company.”

“BBG has and will always pay staff and players according to our agreements. A short-term deferral in investor funding has caused payouts to be delayed. All players will receive any payment they are owed,” BBG’s statement to Dexerto said.

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