Sharda University professor suspended over question in Political Science exam

A professor at Sharda University in Greater Noida has been suspended in connection with an examination question that appeared in the first-year BA (Hons) Political Science paper.

In the paper, on a subject titled Political Ideologies, question 6 from section B read, “Do you find any similarities between Fascism/Nazism and Hindu right-wing (Hindutva)? Elaborate with the arguments.”

As photos of the paper spread online, college authorities took cognisance of the incident and took action against the faculty.

“While the university has constituted a three-member committee of senior faculty members to look into the possibility of bias in the questions asked from the 1st year BA Political Science (Hons) students, pending this inquiry, the university has suspended the faculty concerned. The university regrets that such an incident has taken place that may have the potential for fomenting social discord,” a statement issued by the university on Friday read.

The authorities further stated that they are “totally averse to any line of thought which distorts the great national identity and the inclusive culture inherent in our national ethos”.

On Saturday afternoon, the three-member faculty met following which the decision was taken to send a show-cause notice to the professor.

The university further added that the specific question was found prima-facie “objectionable” and that it will be ignored by examiners for the purpose of awarding marks.


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