Sept 8 set as annual day to honor Vietnamese language

HANOI (Vietnam News/Asia News Network): Sept 8 will become an annual day for honoring the Vietnamese language under a decision signed by Deputy Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính to honor it among the Overseas Vietnamese community in 2023-30.

The project aims to enhance the community’s awareness of the Vietnamese language’s beauty and value while honoring individuals and organizations that make positive contributions to expanding the coverage of the language among the community, keeping it as a language for communication among Vietnamese families abroad, and spreading it to foreigners.

It is expected to enhance the quality of Vietnamese teaching and learning among the community while encouraging host administrations to bring Vietnamese into educational facilities in Vietnamese areas.

Vietnamese studies and research will be strengthened through the project, contributing to making the language official alongside others in areas with favorable conditions.

The project will be implemented in parallel with the cultural Diplomacy strategy until 2030, which the Prime Minister approved on Nov 30, 2021.

Activities to celebrate the day will be held throughout the year and integrated into festivals and special occasions.

They include an annual meeting to mark the day, an annual contest to explore the language and the presentation of a “Vietnamese language Ambassador abroad” title, and art performances at home and abroad to honor the Vietnamese language.

Individuals, organizations, families and associations with positive contributions to maintaining and spreading the language among the Vietnamese community abroad will also be honored.

An online Portal for Vietnamese language training for Overseas Vietnamese will also be launched under the management of the Vietnam National University in Hanoi.


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