SCR to focus on coal transportation

Hyderabad: South Central Railway conducted a review meeting on freight loading and safety of train operations over the zone on Tuesday. According to the SCR as per direction from the Arun Kumar Jain, general manager, primary focus will be on enhancing the mobility of goods trains transporting coal to meet the demand of thermal power stations in critical category.

Arun Kumar Jain directed the supervisors to conduct frequent inspections at sidings and monitor the loading as per the time schedules in order to avert delays. Further, he advised the team to identify bottlenecks in the freight transport routes and improve the speed in the sections. In this regard, also instructed the officials to impart regular training to all the safety staff such as conducting field level seminars, simulated training for the loco pilots and assistant loco pilots. In addition, he also advised the officials to set up individual counseling sessions for the field staff on adherence to safety guidelines, so that they avoid taking recourse to any shortcuts, while strictly following the safety procedures.

Apart from this, the Business development units of all six divisions gave a brief presentation on the new initiatives undertaken by the divisions to include new commodities in the freight sector so as to further improve the freight loading, said senior officer, SCR.


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