Residents talk transportation with Jasper County superintendent

Residents brought concerns and comments to Jasper County superintendent Rachel Anderson at a community meeting on July 30 in Hardeeville.

The district resumed its Jasper Chronicles: Community Conversation series after a hiatus that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anderson responded to parents’ concerns about transportation at the beginning of the meeting. She also discussed communication and how the district distributes information.

“Last year we had some challenges we faced after COVID, one of those being transportation,” Anderson said. “… One of the things we heard last year is that (people) do not know what’s happening, and so this week we sent out snippets on Facebook of exactly what is going on and how many students we are transporting to and from school , etc.”

Residents talk transportation with Jasper County superintendent

Anderson said the district currently has eight bus drivers, two of whom are driving special education buses. She acknowledged that some stops were missed on the first day of school.

“We expect to have some hiccups on that first day,” she said. “We can now track our buses in our communities. We know exactly when our buses stop, what time they stop and at what stop. We have a route for every one of our stops.”

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