Rescued horses create new families at Colby’s Crew Rescue

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – At Colby’s Rescue in Albemarle County, two horses named Big John and Stardust took a four-month-old horse named Little John under their care. Now, the three are inseparable.

Allison Smith, the president of Colby’s Rescue, tried to help Little John adapt to his new life, but with little luck.

“He ran through the auction when he was about four or five months old, so we rescued him and we got him here, but he was a little bit lost,” Smith said.

Now, Big John and Stardust are helping change the young horse’s life for the better.

“We were like, well, maybe Big John could show him around a little bit. We put them together and they have been so cute, all three of them are just always together, and Big John and Stardust will go off and then Little John will go follow them,” Smith said.

Big John, dubbed the “King of HorseTok,” has gone viral on TikTok alongside his new family, amassing more than 2.5 million followers.

“It’s helped get Little John out of his shell a little bit and get him comfortable and confident because you know, his whole world was changed at such a young age. He was just kind of insecure, so seeing them help him because we couldn’t get to him, and seeing them give him security is pretty special,” Smith said.

Big John, Stardust, and Little John now help other young rescues adapt to the farm and gain confidence as they continue their treatment.

Videos of Big John, Stardust, and Little John can be found on the Colby’s Rescue TikTok page @ohkaytacos.

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