Port of Long Beach project passes federal environmental review

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The US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration certified the federal Environmental Impact Statement for the Port of Long Beach Pier B project on April 7.

The process approved the project and cleared it to move forward.

The approval triggered the release of $ 52.3 million in grant funding for the $ 1.547 billion first phase of the project. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the California Department of Transportation also provided $ 26.3 million in grants.

The project will expand Pier B’s rail facility to move at least 35 percent of cargo by on-dock rail and will allow trains up to 20,000 feet long to be assembled or broken down safely and efficiently.

Once completed, the facility will expand the existing yard from 82 to 171 acres as well as add two main lines; five arrival / departure tracks; 41 tracks throughout the yard for staging, storing, and repairs; and more than 130,000 feet of rail; and quadruple the number of tracks from 12 to 48 sets.

Officials plan for the facility to be built in 12 segments and completed by 2032. The first five stages will be designed, contracted, and constructed between 2023 and 2026.

The port will next seek two coastal development permits.

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