Pinellas promotional company specializes in custom designs

A Pinellas County promotional company that specializes in printing logos vows to have the art last longer than the item it’s printed on.

Inside Logo HQ, a massive series of print screen machines filled with t-shirts make designs come to life.

“It all starts with the art,” shared Lisa Burrell with Logo HQ. “We have to actually take the art and split it into its different colors.”

The company has worked with every type of garment imaginable, so the staff pays close attention to design.

“You want every single color to line up perfectly,” said Burrell.

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And that perfection plays out with every detail in the process.

“We do have what we call a ‘flash’ that heats it to make sure the colors don’t gel too much,” explained Burrell. “You do not want a blobby painter’s mess.”

Once they’ve created that perfect mix of custom art on the chosen garment or item, the printing process runs like clockwork.

“It gets cured at a very high temperature … 350 degrees,” stated Burrell. “We pride ourselves on the shirts not lasting as long as the ink.”

Logo HQ is located at 1551 102nd Avenue North, Suite C in the Gateway area of ​​Pinellas County.

Click here to learn more about Logo HQ.


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