Over 100 items expected for Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Build by Design’ Luxury Online Auction

More than 100 items are expected to be shown at Habitat for Humanity’s upcoming ‘Build by Design’ Luxury Online Auction.

Over $1 million in luxury home decor items were donated anonymously to Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex in 2021.

Some of those items will appear during this years event along with items from other donors locally.

Items include paintings, furniture, bedding and china.

Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex Fiona Coughlin says the auction will help those who are living with core housing needs.

“Habitat for Humanity builds homes with people who are living in core housing needs and we just broke ground about a month ago, we are actually on footings now for the homes we are doing on Henry Ford Center Drive and in order to raise money to help get those families housed, we have an auction that is online”

Coughlin says an anonymous donor donated an entire showroom last year.

“So we have an anonymous donor that basically donated their entire showroom of furniture last year, it was over $1 million of furniture last year, and there are Fendi items and that sort of thing. We have some this year but not as many as we had last year but local donors have also joined in.”

She says there are lots of high-end furniture and china being featured at the auction.

“Everybody should have a shot at bidding on some really wonderful local luxury packages, some really high-end furniture and china that will add a little bit of luxury in your home. We hope to raise around $20,000 from the auction this year.”

The auction runs from September 24 to September 28.

Proceeds for the auction will help with the construction of affordable housing for three local families in need.

To register for the auction, visit Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex’s website.

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