Outlier joins the Chromebook Perks lineup to give you a professional education

If I had to recap all of the wonderful Chromebook Perks that you’ve been able to get over the past two years – especially for those of you who are trying to use your device to create art or to run a business, then I’d Be here all day before I get to today’s news. Instead, you can read all of my coverage on it to see what’s available to you and what you may have missed out on (although no one likes seeing what they missed out on, right?)

Today, I wanted to let you know that something called ‘Outlier’ has joined the Chromebook Perks lineup! Outlier was created by the co-founder of Masterclass and is considered a world-class college education through the internet. It features many courses on accounting, finance, writing, psychology, economics, business, sociology, science, and more.

It gets better though. You can launch your career in data science, accelerate your path to a business degree, or explore majors on your path to a degree with certificates that the organization gives you for completing these courses.

Anyway, you can get 15% off of an Outlier.org course right now as a Chromebook Perk as long as you get your Chromebook and set it up prior to September 20, 2022, and redeem the perk before the same date. That may not seem like a lot, but it is $60 in savings, and as long as you’ve already planned on taking such a course as a student or as someone who’s interested in self-educating, it seems like a great deal.

As a reminder, you must claim Chromebook Perks from your Chromebook, and attempting to do so from a Windows or Mac computer will return an error asking you to head over to your ChromeOS device. One thing I will say about these courses though is that they’re freaking expensive. You’ll be charged $350 per course upon signing up on Outlier.org, but applying your code through https://www.outlier.org/discount/CHROMEBOOK15 will definitely take a bit of the edge off. Again, I don’t see anyone signing up for this unless they have already planned on going down this route since it’s a steep pricing structure, but you are getting a full-fledged education in the area of ​​your choice by a professional instructor, so it truly is an investment for the few, and not the many.

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