Opening Wiganers’ ears to what it is like to have a learning disability

The week’s further goals are to: educate and raise awareness about learning disabilities, smash stigmas and end discrimination, and a fair society for fight and campaign.

Wigan Borough has its own Community Learning Disability Team whose stated aim is to provide “working together to provide specialist support to people with learning disabilities”.

The multi-disciplinary team is based in a variety of disciplinary workplaces with patients’ families and carers across locations.

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Julie Davies

Its goals are to provide a seamless, person-centered service for young adults and young people with learning disabilities.

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Adult Learning Disability Services are currently based at Wigan Life Center, Leigh Sports Village and Platt Bridge Health Center.

Local organizations such as Wigan, such as People First, a charity which provides activities and support for people with learning disabilities, are always helping those in need.

LD with People First offers face-to-face and online sessions, workshops, and social opportunities.

Julie Davies, director of Wigan, and Leigh People First, said: “We are trying to change the perception of learning disabilities. People still have the same dreams and want to have the same type of lives as those who do not have any disabilities.

“Our groups help support people in everyday matters. We are only a small charity, and funding can be challenging, but we have sat on the Wigan Learning Disabilities Board for 16 years, and we have found LD Hearing with those issues that we find, try and get. “

She said that for those with learning difficulties, everyday tasks can be difficult, such as managing money, reading lengthy letters or even tasks for such as shopping. Household tasks which can be seemingly normal can be taken for granted and can provide LD with challenges.

Julie said that people like Charities are not the first ones to be left behind to get learning difficulties.

She added: “Wigan is great for those with learning disabilities, and it’s positive changes. But it’s a work in progress and there is always more to be done.

For those who have a learning disability, new skills and interactions take longer, but People First say they are always on hand to help. If you visit in-person sessions join online, there is always a welcome and understanding place to go.

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