Only About Children extends Food Ambassador reach with in center workshops

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Only About Children has extended the work of its Food Ambassador, 2021 and 2022 MasterChef contestant Tommy Pham, inviting him virtually into its services across the country to deliver specialized cooking workshops.

Children attending Only About Children Brighton East were lucky enough to have Mr Pham visit in person, making Oatmeal Cookies and Tommy’s Savory Scroll Lollipops.

Mr Pham has developed special cooking events exclusively for Only About Children as part of their focus on food and nutrition. Families at Only About Children have also been enjoying MasterChef-quality family-friendly recipes and how-to videos designed by the chef.

The events have been designed in collaboration with the Only About Children Education and Health team, Only About Children spokesperson Veronica Makiv explained, to deliver educational and health learning outcomes as part of the Grow Curriculum providers.

“These special cooking events aim to get children involved and excited by cooking,” she explained.

While some families or providers may shy away from involving children in the cooking experience, fearing the mess and mistakes, it is important to involve them, Mr Pham said.

“When kids get involved in the cooking experience, they are more likely to try the food and enjoy it, especially when everyone is eating together. The mental barriers seem to break down for children when they learn about food, prepare it themselves and share the experience with others, ”he explained.

The workshops will run throughout May and June. For more information on Only About Children please see here.

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