Olds College: Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives joins their Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network

“We are pleased to announce our second expansion site and welcome the Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives Inc. into the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network,” she said. “With additional partners come additional opportunities in applied research and education that will help producers maximize technology and data when they’re making those sometimes tough farm management decisions. Independent validation of ag technologies is critical, and so is ensuring that validation is done using more than a single smart farm and more than one agro-climatic zone. We’re thrilled to continue expanding the network across Canada.”

MBFI officials say they focus on advancing the Manitoba beef cattle and forage industry by engaging stakeholders, evaluating on-farm innovation, and disseminating knowledge to improve sustainability for farmers, the public and the environment. They say MBFI has the facilities, knowledge and technology to help support the advancement of innovation, education and adoption of agriculture technology, practices, and solutions within their province and across Canada.

“We are delighted to join the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network and collaborate with Olds College, Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm at Langham, Lakeland College, and USask’s Livestock and Forage Center of Excellence,” said Orr. “This network of smart farms creates opportunities for broader discussions on technologies, risk management and knowledge sharing. Joining the network is an impactful way to amplify our investment in evaluating livestock and crop monitoring equipment made possible through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership grant funding. We want to both support sustainable production and help producers maximize technology and data. We look forward to what we can achieve as the network continues to grow with more infrastructure, technology, laboratories, facilities and pastures.”

Olds College says linking smart farms across the country multiplies the learning and increases the value of data generated to connect farmers with industry and research partners to find practical solutions to ag challenges.

With funding from the Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN), College officials believe the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network initiative will accelerate the development and adoption of ag technologies and systems, helping producers manage their risk of production to improve the productivity and sustainability of their farms.

Visit oldscollege.ca/smartfarmnetwork to learn more about the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network, or contact Olds College Center for Innovation to inquire about joining the network.

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