Northern Territory 2022-23 budget to include $690 million for remote housing to ease overcrowding

The Northern Territory government has allocated $690 million for remote housing in tomorrow’s budget, in a bid to ramp up the long-awaited construction of more homes to ease chronic overcrowding.

Remote communities have been battling overcrowding for decades, alongside complaints that the delivery of new homes has been too slow, and ongoing debate between the territory and federal governments about the funding of homelands.

On the eve of the budget being handed down, the government has outlined plans to build at least 260 new homes and 200 serviced lots in the 2022-23 financial year.

It said $301 million would go towards a remote housing investment package that would fund extensions at overcrowded homes, as well as the construction of new homes for government employees.

A new home recently built in Hermannsburg, an Aboriginal community about 125 kilometers west of Alice Springs.supplied

More than $235 million would be spent on land servicing, while $150 million would go towards ongoing works to build new, and improve existing, housing through the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Housing, which is funded by the Commonwealth.

The territory government last year predicted it would miss its deadline to build hundreds of homes under the agreement, however has since said it was confident it would reach its targets.

At the end of January 2022, the government had completed 448 federally-funded bedrooms, or 135 homes — not yet a quarter of its 1,950 bedroom target.

Funding to include housing for remote teachers

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