New polling shows residents’ thoughts on speed limits, public school board

Majority of respondents oppose new speed limit changes and disapprove of the WRDSB’s job performance

A new poll from Waterloo Region Polling shows a majority of Waterloo Region residents oppose the new speed limits and disapprove of the public school board’s performance.

Of the over 1,500 respondents, 72.4 percent were opposed to the new speed limits with 23.9 percent in favor. 79.3 percent said they were opposed to the process of how the changes were put in place by the council.

About half of respondents (49.4 per cent) rate the job performance of the Waterloo Region District School Board as either “poor” or “very poor,” with only 19.9 per cent rating it as “well” or “very well.”

For the two tier government structure, 35.9 per cent believe the entire region should be amalgamated, while 29.3 per cent said it should leave it as it is.

Jay Shah, founder of Waterloo Region Polling, said the firm conducts polls on topics that are already in the public consciousness and what would affect region residents the most.

“Often it’s really hard to have a debate when you don’t know what the population is thinking,” said Shah on the Mike Farwell Show on Friday.

Shah said Waterloo Region Polling gathers data through ads on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, their email subscription and physical door hangers delivered to households that showed low online turnout. The poll was conducted between August 18 and 31.

Full results of the poll can be found here.

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