NB craft college hosts first show in years

“Still Grounded” is the first ceramics show at Fredericton’s George Fry Gallery in four years.

“It’s been far too long, far too long,” said Liz Demerson, ceramics studio head at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD).

“We were canceled because of COVID, and it was very sad, and we wanted to make sure that our first showing in four years would be a studio showing,” she said.

“We wanted the students to put in whatever they felt was their best work.”

This year’s class of seven students was excited to put more than 30 pieces of pottery on display.

Especially with low expectations due to the pandemic.

“We saw the previous years, and our entire experience at college, even half of our first foundation year was part of the pandemic, so we were not really let down in any way,” said Danielle Hardy, an NBCCD ceramics student.

“When we got to do something, it was actually more exciting because nobody else we’ve seen got to do that.”

So far, one-third of the ceramics at the show have sold.

“That really pushed people to shop locally. Because local artists, when things get shut down, we are kind of a day-by-day operation, ”Hardy said.

A shift during the pandemic had the artists notice a change in the buy local movement.

“It’s a really cool experience that people are so willing to buy because you know when you’re going into art you hear a lot of ‘do not do that, you’re not going to make any money,'” said Kathryn Dunn , another NBCCD ceramics student.

The students are graduating in June, many say selling their work now has been an encouraging experience for their future.

“It’s about creating entrepreneurs really, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs, because they tend to go on to start up their own business we focus on functional production pottery,” Demerson said.

You can keep an eye out for their ceramic works across New Brunswick this summer.

“I would hope that I can get to a point where I can make a living selling pots because I love doing it,” said Dunn.

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