Nadine Dorries Is Getting Her Own Chat Show And Her First Guest Is Entirely Predictable

Nadine Dorries has been given her own chat show – and there are no prizes for guessing who her first guest is.

The former cabinet minister will interview her close friend and ally Boris Johnson on Talk TV’s ‘Friday Night With Nadine’ show.

Dorries has never hidden her admiration for the ex-prime minister, and recently warned her party that it would “die” unless he was made leader again.

The Mid Bedfordshire MP said: “As someone who’s never been afraid to speak their mind, I’m delighted to be joining the team at TalkTV for Friday Night With Nadine, where I’ll be putting my 23-year political career and experiences at the despatch box to good use.

“Boris Johnson continues to dominate so much of the political narrative since his departure from No10. Now’s the time to find out what he really thinks about a whole range of pressing issues.”

The show will be broadcast on February 3.

Dorries, who is tipped to receive a peerage in Johnson’s resignation honors list, will be hoping it goes better than her last attempt at being a Talk TV presenter.

Standing in for Piers Morgan, she tripped over her words as she introduced the show’s second conversation topic.

“Sorry, I’ve just completely messed that up,” she was heard muttering, as co-presenter Emily Sheffield urged her: “Keep going.”


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