Microencapsulated MTC oil powder, a unique solution for keto applications

The role of MTCs in ketogenic diets

A ketogenic diet is a “nutritional strategy” based on the reduction of dietary carbohydrates. This reduction “forces” our body to produce the glucose necessary for survival on its own and to increase the energy consumption of fats contained in adipose tissue.

In fact, a “Ketogenic diet” is a diet that produces ketonesthat is, chemical substances our liver forms when breaking down fats.

Ketones are a fast and healthy source of energy for the brain and muscles, without being stored as fat tissue in our bodies.

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are a unique type of fatty acids.

They go directly from the gut to the liver and are used by the body as an immediate source of energy themselves or to be quickly converted into ketones.

The features of MCTs are ideal for ketogenic diets, weight management, sports nutrition, functional food, and nutritional products.

MCTs can be found mainly in coconut oil. The Taiwanese company MCB offers a line of coconut MCT oil and powders that are manufactured in a palm-free and whole physical extraction production line.

Coconut MCT oil and powders are a good source of C8 caprylic acid – and substance known as “the most ketogenic MCT”, ideal for fat burning and increasing energy levels – and C10 capric acid featuring a few unique benefits in addition to metabolism, like antifungal properties, and a good immunity booster.

A patented international micro-encapsulation technology

Normally, MCT oil powders are destroyed in our stomachs: this does not happen with MCB’s patented micro-encapsulated MCT oil powders.

Thanks to an international patent for micro-encapsulation technology with selective digestibility and phased antioxidant protection, MCT oil powders pass through the stomach and deliver MCTs to the intestine.

Microencapsulated oil powders become more stable and deliver free-flowing and with low surface oil for a better consumer experience.

The technology also leads to lower oil leak-out, no caking and higher efficiency during production.

In addition, microencapsulation protects the active ingredients from oxidation caused by the external environment, ensuring product quality and longer shelf life (24 months).

A line of multi-fat keto blends for several applications

MCB recently obtained USDA Organic Certification. The company is currently offering a series of clean label and vegan-friendly USDA Organic MCT oil powders conversation and range of ketogenic multi-fat keto blends providing a delicious and creamy taste that could be used as a keto coffee creamer.

KETO BLEND FAT POWDER X8 contains premium C8 MCT, grass-fed butter, coconut oil and ghee, ideal for a keto coffee creamer that can bring multi fats and excellent taste to keto coffee.

The concept of keto coffee creamer has been very popular in the global market. With MCB’s wet blend and micro-encapsulation technology, the stability and taste of the blend make the product stand out.

Clean label and vegan-friendly, Avocado Oil Powder could be another great option for keto products.

MCB micro-encapsulated MCTs – especially the clean label and vegan-friendly products – are ideal in several keto applications.

  • meal replacement
  • sports nutrition
  • coffee creamer
  • keto creamer
  • baking
  • keto collagen
  • functional bars
  • food fortification
  • formula milk powders
  • medical meals
  • pet food

MCB and Faravelli, Inc. offer a one-stop-shop for nutritional fat powder solutions, especially for precise and comprehensive keto applications.

MCT solutions by MCB are distributed in North America by Faravelli, Inc.

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