Melbourne car crash: Dashcam video shows shocking moment driver dodges death as car careers into van

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a white van and a car collided at an intersection in Melbourne’s west.

The incident happened at an intersection in Derrimut on Monday afternoon.

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The video shows one driver waiting at a set of lights, then accelerating when the light turns green.

A white van is then seen turning right at the same time, causing the car to T-bone the van.

According to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, where the footage was originally posted, the car’s driver did not notice the van coming towards him before it was too late.

It is unclear if the white van ran a red light.

The white van is seen turning right at the same time as a car drove forward at an intersection in Derrimut. Credit: 7NEWS

The impact of the crash caused the van to flip over onto its side. Neither driver was taken to hospital.

The video has caused a stir on social media, with many saying it was the driver’s fault as they should not have accelerated into the oncoming van.

“Do people not look in front of themselves when driving anymore? Yes, the red light runner is at fault, but it’s a 100 per cent avoidable accident,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“Green light does not necessarily mean it’s safe to floor it,” another wrote.

Neither driver needed to attend hospital. Credit: 7NEWS
The impact of the collision caused the white van to flip on its side. Credit: 7NEWS

However, others jumped to the driver’s defense, stating that a pillar or pole could have been obstructing their view.

“Let’s remember, everyone, that what the dash cam ‘sees’ is not necessarily what the driver sees all the time due to its position,” one Facebook user commented.

“The red light runner may well have been obscured by the pillar of the windscreen for enough time to not give this person enough time to get to the brake in time to avoid this.”

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