Man Wins Huge Amount In Lottery Using Strategy He Saw On TV

A man in the US has won a massive amount of money in the Powerball lottery after using a strategy that he saw while watching TV.

The unidentified man, from South Carolina in the US, said he saw a strategy on the TV show ‘Lottery Saved My Life,’ where he saw a strategy to spend $ 25 (€ 23) for three months.

Deciding to use the strategy, the man said he won $ 500 (€ 472) in his first week of using the strategy, but decided to keep playing using the strategy – and by the seventh week, he won $ 100,000 (€ 94,000) in the Powerball lottery.

A man in the US won $ 100,000 in the lottery after using a strategy he saw on TV. Pic: NurPhoto via Getty Images

According to WCVB in the area, the man initially thought that he had won $ 50,000 by matching two numbers – but after his wife looked over the ticket, he realized that he had won $ 100,000 after matching four white balls and the red Powerball.

‘I didn’t even know how to play Powerball,’ the man, who was not identified, reportedly told lottery officials after claiming his winnings.

After hitting the jackpot, the man bought a new car – but since his winnings only came in week seven, the man said he plans to keep using his strategy until the end of the three-month period.

The man spent $ 25 a week for three months playing the lotto, before winning the big money in his seventh week. Pic: Gerville / Getty

According to the South Carolina Lottery site, the odds of matching four white balls and the red Powerball are a staggering 913,129 to 1.

The show where the man picked up the strategy, Lottery Changed My Life, follows ordinary people who win massive amounts of money while playing the lottery.

Closer to home, the latest € 3.6million lotto jackpot was won after a ticket was sold in Dublin.

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