Malvern Autumn Show: Huge pumpkin lifted onto scales by forklift

A WHOPPING 24-and-a-half stone pumpkin had to be forklifted onto the scales at the Malvern Autumn Show.

Carl Lambourne carted his vast vegetable on the back of a trailer to the National Giant Vegetables Championships in Malvern.

Despite not being a record breaker, the giant pumpkin weighs the same as a baby elephant.

Carl, 52, of Reading, said: “It fell short of the world record and wasn’t a personal best but I was still very pleased with it.

“I start with the seeds in April and it’s a matter of just tending to it with a lot of care and devotion from there.

“I had to transport it on the back of a trailer so you get some funny looks on the road.

“But I’m used to it as I’ve been doing it for around 15 years now.

“I grow all the vegetables that compete in the show and it’s a lot of fun to be a part of.”

Massive pumpkin at Malvern Autumn Show

Joe Atherton grew the longest turnip measuring an impressive 4.6m (15ft) beating his own record of 13ft he set in 2019.

Grandad-of-nine Joe, 67, of Nottingham, said he had beaten his own record this year

He added: “I now hold the record for all the longest root vegetables in the world which is something I am very proud of.

“The secret to my success is having a lot of dedication and a hard-working and understanding wife.

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Worcester News: The Autumn Malvern ShowThe Autumn Malvern Show

“I grow them in guttering inside a polytunnel and then when I get them out I have a special table in the garden which is 30ft long.

“My loving wife then painstakingly cleans all the vegetables herself while I go and have a cup of tea.

Worcester News: SCALE of the Pumpkin compared to peopleSCALE of the Pumpkin compared to people

“I then transport them in a special tray I built myself and then hope for the best at the other end.

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Worcester News: Malvern Autumn Show: Pumpkins and Squashes Malvern Autumn Show: Pumpkins and Squashes

“It certainly keeps my family, friends and neighbors well fed for a while afterwards. Nothing goes to waste.

“Growing is in my blood, from starting with my dad to where I am now it’s been such an experience.”

More than 1,000 people are expected at the Malvern Autumn Show at Three Counties Showground which runs until Sunday, September 25.

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