M-AR TDSG partnership strengthens supply chain

The M-AR TDSG partnership creates an open and collaborative approach to keep projects running to schedule

TDSG, which provides structural engineering hand in hand with 3D Tekla design and detailing for structural steelwork, has worked with M-AR for several years across multiple large-scale projects. Providing solutions for M-AR that improves project efficiency, remove communication barriers and enhance delivery outcomes.

Working in partnership rather than as two separate entities has opened up a dialogue of effective and proactive communication between M-AR and TDSG which aids the smooth-running of M-AR’s projects.

Sharing information freely benefits both parties as M-AR can give TDSG advance notice of its requirements for pipeline projects and TDSG in turn can flag up any potential issues before they arise, to allow time to resolve them or for an alternative solution to be found before the building program gets underway.

This level of communication ensures M-AR has constant and reliable information before a project goes to manufacture.

Enabling M-AR to keep projects moving at a fast pace

The team at TDSG are also on hand to advise and evaluate, via pre and post-project reviews – acting as a trusted resource for M-AR to continuously improve and innovate.

This proactive and helpful nature enables M-AR to keep projects moving at a fast pace but also ensures every project is of the highest quality, meeting the client’s brief, budget and timescale.

Daniel Leech, CEO, TDSG commented: “It’s fair to say that Ryan and I hit it off from the moment we first spoke.

“We had been following each other’s businesses for some time on social media so to get the opportunity to work together and deliver projects demonstrating the power of having the right online presence.

“The construction industry is a tough place to operate. After thirty years of business at TDSG, Ryan and his team at M-AR have shown us the value in having a client that values ​​what we bring to the table, treats us as an equal and really pushes his team to adopt the type of culture that allows us to thrive rather than survive.

“We share a dedication to investing into the digital asset and the front end, early engagement, and having as many stakeholders as possible contribute to ensuring that with the right information and data, the building of the physical asset can be lean, accurate and efficient .

“We are really looking forward to growing our business alongside M-AR for the foreseeable future.”

Ryan Geldard, operations director at M-AR added: “We pride ourselves on building relationships and that includes our supply chain partners as well as clients.

“And in the current challenging climate where reliable service supply cannot be taken for granted, our partnership with TDSG has been vital and we’ve definitely seen the value of working with the team as a consultant as well as a pure service supplier, allowing us to navigate any issues before they arise.

“Working with TDSG is a natural fit for us as we have the same ethos – both being unafraid to challenge industry norms and drive innovation. I’m proud of our open and collaborative culture at M-AR and I think our partnership with TDSG is a testament to this in action. ”

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier with M-AR complete the online new supplier form with your details.

For more information call 01482 635 08, email [email protected] or visit www.m-ar.co.uk

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