Listen to your gut when making a big purchase

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If everything looks and feels good, go for it!

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The world we live in is centered around relationships — those with family, friends, and business associates. In a sense, everyone is involved in sales whether it’s for business or personal situations.

People make decisions based on the information that is presented, using it as evidence for why something is or is not in their best interest.

In real estate matters, it is important to be comfortable with both the information about properties of interest, but also with the individual who is sharing the details — your realtor.

When making a big buying decision such as purchasing a first home, there are numerous factors to consider:

1. Doing your homework and shopping around: This essentially means making sure the home is right for you. Checking references such as the Real Estate Council of Ontario website to confirm the realtor’s registration.

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2. Understanding what you’re signing: If your realtor offers any incentives, they should provide the details in writing. And before signing a Buyer Representation Agreement, make sure you know what it means. Ask questions and seek legal help if needed.

3. Staying within your budget: Know the cost of the home, home inspection or appraisal or survey. Remember to include legal fees, land transfer tax and mortgage insurance. Finally, moving costs are also part of the entire process.

New home buyers should always protect themselves. If everything looks good and feels good, go for it! If something in your gut is screaming, “No, not yet”, then listen.

Your gut may be the only evidence for why you should or should not do something.

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