Letter: Wealth of skills, experience Opinion

Grow with Vicki Jo, our Ward 4 City Council candidate, Vicki Jo Lambert.

The slogan translates well to Vicki’s way of life. She is a dedicated community member who is always in pursuit of growth and knowledge. She is as prone to learn from others as she is to share her own insights.

I have come to know Vicki’s talents through our years of working together at the YMCA. She has a solid command of her classes, because she pursues training and asks questions. Watching Vicki teach is special, as she sets a safe and accepting tone and high expectations for her participants.

Those expectations are always tailored to each participant’s needs. Her classes are engaged, people know each other’s names and have fun, as Vicki is a community builder. And Red Wing needs community builders.

In her career as an educator in the criminal justice system, Vicki has worked to understand the needs and learning styles of her students in order to provide lessons that will further their growth and future opportunities for success.

To see Vicki light up when she shares a success story about one of her students bears witness to the heart Vicki has for all members of our community. Vicki cares about others.

Recently Vicki has pursued studies to become a deacon in the Episcopal church. Among the many rigors of her studies, she has had to spend time looking deeply within herself to develop the capacity needed to support others while acknowledging her own biases and opinions. Those are the kind of skills that allow her to hear what others have to say and work towards holistic solutions to problems.

Vicki will be here for our community. Her ability to show up and follow through sets her apart as a candidate. She comes to the table with a wealth of skills and experience and is our best choice for the Ward 4 City Council seat.

Show up and vote in the primary for Vicki Jo for the Ward 4 City Council seat on Aug. 9.

—Martha Harris, Red Wing


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