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Dear Editor,

Minnesota drivers have faced record-high gas prices in the last few months. It’s easy to see the customs that volatility in the global oil market is taking on consumers. But at the heart of some of the world’s most pressing challenges are those in our agricultural industry with a homegrown solution.

Farmers have been feeding the world for thousands of years. And now, they’re fueling it. Biofuels like the plant-based ethanol blended into E15 are a clean and affordable energy source that helps save money at the pump and support Minnesota’s farmers and agricultural industry. Earlier this month, the federal government lifted its restriction on the summer sale of the E15, allowing the E15 to be sold year-round. This common-sense decision will make ethanol more accessible to motorists across the state and provide corn farmers with a critical market for their crops.

Some have pointed to electric vehicles as an enticing proposition. But now Americans are looking for realistic solutions and immediate relief – which means using resources we already have by investing in lower-cost fuel for cars that currently exist on the road today. That’s why we need to continue to find more ways to promote renewable fuels.

Investing in homegrown energy will help save money at the pump, strengthen Minnesota’s agricultural industry, and is good for the environment we all love. I hope our leaders continue to go in a direction that takes advantage of Minnesota’s world-class biofuel sector to deliver better options at the pump and support our farmers.

Wanda Patsche
Welcome, Minnesota

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