Learning square dancing has all the elements for better health

Have you heard that it is good for your brain to learn a new skill? That physical exercise and social activity are good for your health? You can get all this in one package – learn how to square dance.

Square dancing has the benefit of being low-impact but great aerobic exercise. Mayo Clinic encourages Square Dancing: it burns a lot of calories, strengthens bones, and helps the cardiovascular system.

A new study comparing country dancing with walking and stretching suggests that the demands that dancing places on the mind and body make it especially powerful at slowing some of the mental changes of aging, an effect not seen in those who walked or stretched.

Square dancing involves constant movement along with quick directional changes that work together to keep the body in shape and in balance. It is also excellent mental exercise as the dancer recalls and executes the caller’s instructions, moving from one formation to another as they are “called out”. But you don’t do it all by yourself; the teamwork of learning together, to good music, makes it an enjoyable social activity as well.

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