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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council has found that students at SH College of Nursing in Cherthala are being subjected to psychological torture and that their human rights are being violated at the college. Students were asked to clean the bathrooms in the clinical ward, operation theater and general wards, stated the inspection report of the council.
The nursing council has urged the registrar of Kerala University of Health Sciences to attend a meeting convened at SH College auditorium on May 10 in which council members and PTA members of the college will participate. The report was submitted to the vice-chancellor of the health university by the registrar of the nursing council.
During the annual inspection conducted by the board of inspectors of the nursing council on May 6 these shocking revelations were made by the nursing students of the college. The third- and fourth-year students said that they were asked to clean the toilets and bathrooms of the surgical ward, operation theater and labor room. They were also asked to wash the footwear used by doctors and other staff. Apart from ward cleaning and cupboard dusting, they were also forced to clean the floor of the operation theater and surgical ICU. They were asked to clean the walls, tiles and ward windows. All nursing stations were also cleaned by the students.
At the hostel, the students complained that they are not allowed to go out on weekends. It is compulsory for every student to attend early morning Christian prayers every day. If they fail to turn up, they are punished with fines and this is applicable to non-Christian students, “said the report.
“Students unanimously complained against vice-principal Sr Preetha Mary. She alleged that students were engaging in sexual relationship when they were studying together in a room or walking together,” said the report.
The punishment and fines are impractical, students are asked to pay a fine if they go home on Sundays or holidays. When students had complained about poor facilities at the hostel, they were put in a dark room for one day as punishment. Parents cannot meet their children at the hostel and are allowed to interact across a cross bar installed at the hostel. It is a jail-like atmosphere at the hostel. Even the food brought by parents is not given to their children. There is no proper ventilation in rooms and there is no proper wastewater drainage system in bathrooms. The bathrooms are unhygienic, said the report.


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