Israeli innovation in Holon with leading companies

The ninth conference on digital learning technologies at HIT – Holon Institute of Technology was held this year with the understanding that a period of global crisis can also be an opportunity to improve processes and maximize business profits.

About 20 of the leading companies and organizations in the Israeli market participated in a competition at the conference, including Isracard, the Civil Service Commission, Migdal Insurance, Maccabi Health Services, Tnuva, Tel Aviv University, Israel Railways and AppsFlyer.

“I was privileged to close the circle as a learning technology student at HIT, and at the same time as the center of the Magen David Adom online training unit.”

Snir Feinstein

Magen David Adom won first place

The development and implementation team was led by Snir Feinstein, the center of the MDA’s online training unit and a student in the learning technology program.

“I was privileged to close the circle as a learning technology student at HIT, and at the same time as the center of the Magen David Adom online training unit,” Feinstein said. “Our goal is to make emergency medicine studies accessible at the paramedic level for MDA’s intensive care mobile volunteers. This technology allows them to practice scenarios and experience saving lives. The game-style platform makes the learning experience fun, interesting, fast and challenging. “

Second place went to AppsFlyer

Maayan Shalom created an interactive absorption program for new employees while introducing them to the corporate culture, the business world and a basic acquaintance with AppsFlyer products and its customers. The program is designed to give employees a soft landing, in parallel with the cognitive load and multiple streams of information.

Magen David Adom (MDA) is seen responding to an emergency in Haifa, on June 12, 2022. (credit: MDA SPOKESPERSON)

Through the absorption program, the employee can progress independently and a desire is created to become part of the new company.

Escape room

Adi Chai Livneh and Yoni Chai created a virtual escape room to implement the organizational leadership model.

The activity was developed to produce a meaningful virtual learning experience for a large number of participants.

The game itself is implemented on the Wix platform, and although this platform isn’t designed to create escape rooms, it does allow for play and learning experiences.

“We congratulate the winners and are proud of groundbreaking developments that will both save lives and help organizations on an international scale to significantly improve processes,” said Dean of the Faculty of Tech Learning. Gila Kurtz. “It’s precisely in a period of change and upheaval in the world economy and the high-tech industry that the power, stability and importance of organizational learning processes for leading companies in the world economy are revealed.”

Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT added: “Companies and organizations have turned the Coronavirus crisis into an opportunity and accelerated technological learning and training processes. This is important in terms of corporate profitability, efficiency in absorbing new employees, employee retention and promoting corporate pride. ”

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